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Active Jobs Ireland is a free web-based job offers board in Ireland enabling common people or potential employer to find person with the skills and experience they need or find the employee suitable for their company in Ireland.

How Active Jobs Ireland works

Our website is mostly created for un-employed people but also Irish companies to show their skills & experiences in different trades. As jobs are in some regions hard to find people are more and more looking for free advertising and this is the right place to do so. Sipmly submit your job offer so a customer or potential employer can find you easily.

How do I get started?

1.Visit www.activejobs.ie

2.Click on “Register” in the upper right-hand corner

3.Provide your email (required), create a username and agree to the Active Jobs Ireland terms and conditions

4.Submit a Job Offer

If a company decides to adopt a new employee , one of the quickest ways is Internet advertising and job portals . There are several portals and it is good to consider the job description and focus of the company, whether to use general or specialised portal. The biggest cover jobs Ireland has www.jobs.ie and www.irishjobs.ie and the volunteers will address on www.fas.ie.

There are also a number of general marketplace, having a great visit and give them to advertise job offer for free – www.adverts.ie, www.gumtree.ie… But serious about their candidates not considered credible. Ad must be written in an attractive and interesting way . If the same company advertises on its website, it must be checked whether all links are working properly ads work and that all the information is updated.

It is also important to set a time limit within which the company is willing to spend the time finding a suitable employee. Much time employee responsible for human resources company saves cooperation with the recruitment agency.

If you are planning a larger recruitment campaign or get key people, it is necessary to use the services of a recruitment agency. The agency may consult the appropriate ad portal . Consultant of the company may propose attractive style, prepare the appropriate text editing, an appropriate way to place log . In addition, the company will provide its experience , information on expected salary and availability of candidates.

Our mission is to bring small businesses into big world,  quickly and easily give opportunity to customers find employees for domestic jobs Ireland. We are here to help you with small or even big construction works, solving problems with your computer or taking care of your child when you busy.

Jobs Ireland advert and content:

Working advertisement should include information from several areas:

1. The first part of the job advert:

Description of job responsibilities
Job Lister is required to write a job description. Good writing is work activity that can be specific as possible. It is not enough to describe the workload in three lines but need not write fifteen bullets.

Qualification – the necessary education
Required skills – work experience , language , computer , technical
Special requirements – eg . driver’s license , professional tests , physical fitness , unusual working hours , missions
Properties candidate – communication skills , autonomy , technical thinking , flexibility , goal-orientation , dynamism …

3. What the employer offers and information about it. Price and Working time negotiations
What company/person offers – eg. amount of salary and benefits package , flexible working hours , holidays , moreover , the possibility of training , work from home , work on interesting projects …
Company Information – indicate only link to a website is not enough , but it is good to write a few sentences history, the business area of ​​the company .

Good objective is to avoid overestimation or undercutting the required qualifications and skills . Seek the best is probably quite natural , but sometimes at high time demands of the aspirants finds that the company does not use his talent . Many times the applicant has the feeling that the information in the interview were presented differently, resp. promised the company failed to comply with the conditions and probationary leaving .

Conversely turn may come to dissatisfaction company, if the results are not satisfactory candidate. The most common misstatements CVs self lives language skills of candidates. The CV can indicate an active knowledge of English, but during the interview not tell a coherent sentence.

In recent years, extended the basic allocation of jobs Ireland for junior and senior.

Junior – the applicant has the required education, short or even no work experience . In general, we can say that this is a graduate position within two years after leaving school.

Senior – has at least 3 years experience. Should this be so, the company will only accept a candidate who has already worked on that job in another company. Senior positions in the company must also reckon with higher financial expectations of candidates. Sometimes a company requires 5 years of experience and more. Of course 5 years work experience candidate may still require initial training and good adaptation process.

Pre-selection – selection resumes

After opening a job offer, the company is waiting for CVs. It is also important to set a time limit within which the company is willing to spend the time finding a suitable employee.

Bad sort of resumes of candidates can also be a common mistake.

In the process of pre-selection of the candidates for the vacant space divided into three groups :
Very suitable candidates – usually meet all the requirements in the job description. These candidates are invited for a personal meeting among the first. Email to the tenderer must confirm the exact location (with a description of a trip circuit ), the time of contact with the mobile number.

Eligible candidates – some jobs Ireland may not be firm enough candidates in the first group . Nevertheless , they do not meet all the requirements set out in the description of the vacancy , also be invited to a personal meeting . May be the candidates who did not complete the CV data. The quickest way is to supplement and verify the information before the meeting by phone .

Unsuitable candidates – do not meet the job requirements, are excluded from the selection process . It sent them written notification. As the company sees potential for a matching profile in the future, will require a candidate to consent to the processing of personal data. If a company does not use the potential of the candidate in the near future, the materials sent to shreds. Many applicants who receive no return reply that they have low opinion of the company.

Conditions of the job interview

Standard conditions of the job interview are the same as for any business meeting. Suitable place and the right time is essential. HR professional should represent your company and appropriate exterior in line with the corporate culture. If it is, for example . way of dressing in the company less formal , there is no need for the HR professional suit and tie, but in the summer months turn are best suited shirt with short shorts.

During an interview at a glance

The candidate talks about previous experiences where the proceeds chronologically from the last job to the past. The most common first question is ” tell me about yourself, about your work experience.” Some candidates tend to quickly move to the third stage questions about the job and the company , or pay rule.
Personnel manager provides information on job title, company

In the last phase, the candidate should get time for questions, Verification of informations. Either he did not take a position and the company, or need information, a passive approach and can not show the effort to fight for position.
Finally, thank HR bidder. If it finds that the applicant would be suitable for the job, you agree to candidates follow.

Pitfalls recruitment

People tend to judge by the first impression. Experienced HR not the first impression. Take into account the fact that the applicant is only a man and not have ” your day “. Let be fooled perfect appearance and excellent verbal expressions. Some candidates can create a positive image of yourself and answers to questions you rehearse in advance . The success of the correct choice as support and proper training. Great achievements can be expected for one – two months. To begin to invest more in employee, as expected.

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