April 7, 2014
Job Description

Hi, my name is Daniel and I am masseur in Dublin Ireland. I have been working as a masseur for the last seven years. Healthy Lifestyle is about finding the balance between body , mind and soul on a daily bases.

That is why I’m trying not only to fix physical problems of my clients by using different techniques, but also give them few hints how to change their lifestyle to become a happier person.

Fully qualified in sports massage(deep tissue), hot stones massage, holistic massage, Chinese acupressure and reflexology on ITEC Level 3 Diploma. Also working with a muscular type of injuries and disbalances in Dublin, Ireland.

Price & Time Negotiations

Happy to announce discounts for all types of massages ( sports- deep tissue, holistic, hot stones, reflexology and Chinese acupressure) until the end of 2014:

  • Half body massage 60 min./ 29€ ;
  • Full body massage 110 min./55€ !!!

Free consultation included.

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